Of all the subjects in the world, why would I start blogging about Harry Potter?  The answer is simple:  Because I think J. K. Rawling is a genius writing those books and deserves every credit and dollar she got and still gets for doing it.  (And in my real life I am still very caught up in studying disease processes, being a patient advocate when I can, and seeing incredible sadness at times.  I need diversion badly.)

I used to teach a course in Film and Literature and would compare books to films throughout the semester.  The whole series of Harry Potter books are filled  with themes, imagery, comparisons,  and allegories that one could study a whole semester’s course on those books.  And of course, I have read all the books and have seen all the movies.  The last two I had to go to the movies by myself, because no one that I knew was interested except my son and he lives out of town.  A couple of weeks ago,  I saw the last movie.

I remember so well when the last book came out.  It was the summer of 08 in July. My daughter had her birthday party in a hotel, and I was staying there for the night.   When I went down to the lobby there it was:  the new and last Harry Potter book that would answer a lot of questions.  Actually, just one main question:  Would he live or die?   There was great speculation at the time that living would be impossible for Harry.  I bought the hard backed book, paid full price and ran to my room. Then I did what I couldn’t stop myself from doing.  I skipped to the end.  I couldn’t wait all pages to find the answer.  He Lives!

With a big fat smile on my face, I started at the beginning of the book.  And then waited patiently for 3 years for the second part of the last movie.  The first movie was good, but the following ones were disappointing at times.   But this last movie was wonderful.  All of them had to follow the book closely or there would have been screaming all over the globe emanating from England.

Harry Potter has had its share of criticism and some people even fear the books.  Any criticism stems from people just not reading and understanding them. There is nothing to fear about Harry Potter.  He is actually a “Christ like” figure.  This book reflects Christian values and of course “Christ like” is a literary term.   Apparently Wikipedia already has written a statement on this.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christ_figure) In the end, Harry Potter was willing to lay down his life for his friends.  In fact, It was only through J. K. Rawling’s genius that he lived.  These books are about good and evil and the choices people make.  They are also about redemption, bigotry, group fanaticism, family, and making judgements about people without knowing all the facts.  They are also about friendship and true love.  On top of all of that, Harry’s mother sacrificed herself so he could live.  Maybe that’s why I identify so closely with the story.  My mother did the same for me.

To say the least, I loved every minute reading and viewing The Harry Potter series.  J. K. Rawling has given a whole generation of children a glimpse of a fantasy world on one hand, and a study of good and evil on the other.  The beauty is that good triumphs evil, although the cost is high for those who fight to overcome that evil.  But, the undeniable truth of the story is that Harry Potter, the “Christ like” figure, will live forever.

Copyright Marilyn Holasek Lloyd 2011