Late last year, A Book of Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel was released for sale.  The By-Line says “Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love.”  This book lives up to its title.

Dr. Bernie Siegel is no stranger to miracles, he has been writing about them since the time he was a practicing surgeon, and when he started a support group in Connecticut called Exceptional Cancer Patients.  All of his early books have stories of miracles in them.  Some of my favorites have been the gardener who had a terrible cancer and refused treatment and said it was planting season.  He saw Dr. Siegel years later for gall stones, and Dr. Siegel couldn’t believe he was still alive.  Another story from his older books was the story about the woman who was practically on her death-bed when her daughter asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she said an expensive spring purse.  Instead of her daughter saying to her mom that she is not supposed to live til spring, the daughter bought the purse and her mother lived and used the purse for 15 years.

This Book of Miracles is different because it not just Bernie’s miracles, but a collection of miracles from all over the country.  And I had the honor and privilege of having one of my stories appear in his book.  My friend Barbara Kimberlin has seen 3 miracles and maybe more in her 18 year bout with carcinoid cancer.  I described her second miracle in this book when she went to Moffatt Cancer Center, and they saved her life.  The story printed like it happened this fall, but it actually happened a number of years ago.

Dr. Siegel, actually he wants to be called Bernie,  not only has written a slew of books for cancer survivors, but also conducts his seminars all over the country, and also has done a collection of meditation tapes.  I can happily say that I have experienced every aspect of Bernie’s work since my diagnosis of breast cancer almost 16 years ago.

The first time I met him was at a conference the first year after my diagnosis.  My fear level was so high that year, and I used his tapes to help me sleep.  I experienced my first seminar with him  and went up to him  to thank him for “Letting me sleep with him.”   At least cancer hadn’t taken my sense of humor.  At that time, I actually looked terrible.  The first alt med I went too believed in these cleanses and I had lost 20 pounds.  I looked sick.  But at the time, I was desperate for anything that would prevent breast cancer recurrence after my medical surgeries were over.  He thoughtfully listened to me and then I walked away.  He called me back.  He then said, “You know I didn’t help you, you helped yourself.”  That is the perfect example of Bernie.

The next time I went to one of his conferences it was much longer and we had time to experience all Bernie had to offer including drawing pictures of our cancer experience.  That night there was a room full of alt med practitioners and doctors from all over the country talking to each other, networking away.  And there was Bernie, sitting at a table with a line waiting to sit next to him so this wonderful doctor could help explain our drawings.

I must have been to at least 5 such seminars and even if some stories were repeated, I thoroughly enjoyed everyone.  And I must say that my drawings of myself  were getting better and better!  Any cancer patient that has the chance to participate in these workshops and seminars should take the opportunity to do so.  There is something so comforting, down to earth, and healing about this doctor.

The last time I saw him was a conference at Virginia Beach.  I met him checking out at the hotel.  I stopped and asked him how could I keep my health up while caring for my husband that was so ill?  He empathized with me and it was very comforting, because at times he also knows what it is like to be a care giver.

To me, Bernie is a wonderful Doc!  Not only because of all the miracles he has seen and written about.  And not only because of his latest book on Miracles which can uplift anyone, but also he is a miracle himself. In his own words he said in his latest book, “When we decide to make a difference in the world and create peace, love, and happiness for all living things… that will indeed be a miracle.”  And Bernie you are a miracle because you have devoted your life to doing exactly that.

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BERNIE can be found all over the internet, and you can even find him on utube.  Just do a google search of his name–Bernie Siegel

He maintains a support group online and he can also be found on facebook

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From Bernie 2/24/12

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