The Whole-Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors by Edward Bauman and Helayne Waldman came out last month.  This book is A Nutritional Approach to Preventing BC Recurrence.  Now after the initial treatment usually involving surgery and then adjuvant treatment, the breast cancer survivor always asks themselves the big question, “Now what do I do?”

Being honest though, some breast cancer survivors never ever ask those questions.  They go on with life as usual thinking that medicine took care of their problem.

I of course was in the former group and would have loved a book like this as a guide after my surgical treatments.  I did see someone and follow a wellness plan for about two years, but in retrospect he knew little about breast cancer, and he actually recommended some very dangerous things.  His high dose vitamin therapy hurt me, and I had to dump him at year two of diagnosis.  Then I found an integrative doctor in New York and a month later Dr. Peter D’Adamo who I have seen ever since.

My journey would have been different if there were such a book as The Whole-Food Guide because it is so specific for breast cancer.  The authors cover  “Traditional and Emerging Risk Factors, Eating for Health, Avoidable Exposures, a lot about all aspects of nutrition including sufficiencies, efficiencies, glucose, weight, immunity, inflammation and lowering toxic burden, and hormone harmony.”

This guide is a starting point for breast cancer survivors who want to change but don’t know where to start.  It is food for thought and  to see which points resonate and which points deserve more study.  Not everyone who sees an ongoing integrative doctor to prevent breast cancer recurrence will agree with everything said in this book.  However, the most important thing is that all of these very important points act as a guide.  You know a guide is never set in cement.  They just help you traverse the abyss.  And I’m telling you, breast cancer is an abyss.

For starters, most people don’t realize that breast cancer can be deadly two, five, 10 or even 30 years down the breast cancer road.  When I realized that fact, I wanted to change everything in my life to give myself a better chance to live.

Breast cancer is an abyss because it robs people of their peace of mind.  Any cancer does that.  And that is usally known only to survivors, hence all of the various support groups.

What a wonderful tool this book would be for a breast cancer support group.  I had to find my own cancer support group, because the hospital based ones were still munching cookies and chips and didn’t have a clue about cleaning up one’s state of health.  I ran from that group never to return.  I found a wellness group of a few women, and started another support group of women wanting to change.  Each woman was motivated to a holistic approach improving body, mind, and spirit,  giving ourselves the best chance to live.

All of that was in my real life.  But then there is cyber space.  I couldn’t just join any support group there either, because the medical ones were only interested in drug support, and saying no to chemo put me out of traditional groups.  I found an Amazon Alt Med group that was perfectly suited to supporting change in just about every area covered in this book.  We would have loved to have this book as a guide when I joined 14 years ago.

One of the beautiful things about This Whole Food Guide is that several of my friends from Amazon are quoted at the end of 4 chapters.  Each chapter has a survivor make a comment which is wonderful.

Because this book covers so much wellness territory, I do not want to go on about the specifics, but I encourage any breast cancer survivor, or friend of a survivor, or a support group, or family member of a survivor to buy this book.

Again, I must say I have a prejudicial view because I wrote the 3 page Afterward.  This piece of writing pretty much says that fear was highly motivating for me.  And that “fear, faith, family, and friends” helped me greatly in my breast cancer journey.  To sum up, my last sentence says, “I can’t say the cancer walk is easy, but I know that if someone like me can change, then anyone can change.”

But the book doesn’t end there.  It is followed up with recipes, resources, and references.  Edward Bauman and Helayne Waldman did an excellent comprehensive job.  It is well written and easy to follow. And as I said, every breast cancer patient fears the dreaded word recurrence.  This book is a major step to empower women to do everything in their power to prevent one.  The rest is in God’s hands.

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When you read my afterword, I want to restate that I did not see Dr. Peter D’adamo the first two years, but the last 14 years.  In the realm of medicine, I credit my surgeon, Dr. Richard Thompson and Dr. D’Adamo for saving my life.

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The Amazon Alt Med online support group is transitioning to a Yahoo Group.  Reconnect with this blog and I will give you the new address.