On this day, August 23, which was Stacy’s and my anniversary, I would like to take the readers down a trip on memory lane of all the weddings starting with ours.  We have a long history of including family members in our weddings.  The reason all the different generations participated in all of these weddings were the age differences in the family.  Even my brother and I were 10 years apart.

When Stacy and I got married, we decided to get married on Lee’s Hill with three weeks of planning.   There was no question in Stacy’s mind that he wanted his two boys to stand with him on this, and they did.  Philip was 15 and Scott was a student at VMI.

The next person to get married was Scott, and Stacy was his Best Man and Philip was a Groomsman.  That was in 1980, and Will and Holly were dropped off in Cleveland on our way to Wisconsin.  

By the time Philip got married in 1984, it was really a family affair.  I have always loved this picture of Stacy and his two older boys.  

By this wedding, William and Holly were old enough and Philip and Gina asked them to be in the wedding.

The next wedding was my brother Jonathan’s wedding in 1986.  Leslie and Jonathan asked Holly to be the flower girl.

Now we approach a different generation of weddings with Will’s and Kara’s in 2001.  Stacy was Will’s Best Man along with James Massey, and Holly was one of Kara’s bridesmaids.   Kara was so nice to include Josephine and Phoebe, (Jonathan and Leslie’s girls) in the wedding so they had 4 flower girls.  It was really precious.

Josephine and Phoebe on the right

Then there were a lot of Lloyds in Holly and Jeff’s wedding in 2003.  Stacy was so proud to walk Holly down the aisle, and Will was a Groomsman.  Sarah Lloyd and Jessica Lloyd were Bridesmaids, and Josephine and Phoebe Holasek, flower girls.

Going through old pictures is great, because this is a picture of brother and sister together on Holly’s wedding day that I did not know I had.

This picture of Holly and her dad was taken by me after the wedding.  She is telling him “thank you, Dad, I love you.”

So now we’re up to the next generation with Stacy’s eldest grandson Matthew’s wedding to Beth.  This took place in January 2010, but Stacy was too sick to attend.   In this wedding was Matthew’s sister, Jessica, and Will and Kara’s boys Peyton and Carter as ring bearers.

Jessica is on the far right

Peyton and Carter Lloyd with the groom Matthew Lloyd

So this summer was another beautiful wedding.  The wedding of Philip’s daughter Sarah.  Now this wedding had a lot of Lloyds in it.  All of Sarah’s brothers were Groomsmen, and Peyton, Carter, and Meredith were in the wedding.

That brings us full circle and that day as I observed everyone, I thought isn’t this marvelous that for so many years, 38 years starting in 1974, Lloyd’s have been in each other’s weddings.  A wedding toast to family, and Stacy I miss you everyday, but especially on August 23.