Uncle George’s amazing life was written in my blog in 2013, the year he died.


Part Two is the story of finding a home for Uncle George’s PT boat replica model.  This was something both my cousin, Carol Wilson, and I promised our Uncle George in the final years of his life.  He was always so humble and would say, “No one will want it.  A lot of people have done these models.”  We would always say, “No one has done a model to scale 40 inches long with movable guns, and the inside also done precisely to scale with a movable top.”  It was unique and had to find the perfect home.

We tried to find it a home, but nothing ever worked out.  It was sitting in my cousin’s garage with its plexiglass cover for 8 years.  The only time it was publicly shown in the last eight years was at Uncle George’s funeral.Image 18

How this PT Boat Model found a home was a very serendipitous event.  My cousin and her two friends were on a boat trip on a Lake in Mt. Dora in Florida last spring.  Wanda overheard the captain talking to someone and saying that he also gives boat rides on Sandusky Bay off of Port Clinton in the summer.  He mentioned the Liberty Aviation museum, and the fact that they had just purchased a full size PT boat.  Well, anyone in the family or close to my family hears PT boats, and their ears perk up.  Wanda told my cousin, “You need to talk to that captain.”

So of course my cousin talked to the captain and the more he talked the more she knew this was a good lead for the PT model.  Well, if you fast forward to my visit in Cleveland last July, the right connection to the museum had still not come to fruition.  But Carol looked up the museum directly and contacted the curator.  He was indeed interested because of course there is Uncle George’s interview about his PT experience that could be tied into the exhibit on the internet from The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Carol and I had intended to visit the Port Clinton, Marblehead area of Ohio and check out the museum, but now, the visit included transporting the PT Boat and seeing if the museum wanted it. Before we went to the museum, we were still in awe of the fact that we never in a million zillion years would have thought to look for a home for a PT model in an aviation museum.

But as it turned out, this museum is full of now only aviation planes and more, but also many other World War I and II armed services exhibits. http://www.libertyaviationmuseum.

So, we headed to Port Clinton, seeing the Marblehead Lighthouse, img_5908

The Liberty Aviation Museum turned out to be an incredible place.  There it was, the PT boat they floated to Port Clinton and were fixing up so they could give tours on Sandusky Bay.   


The Curator and Assistant took one look at Uncle George’s model and said “we want it.” It was music to our ears. And we posed for a final picture with Uncle George’s PT 167.  We both had tears in our eyes as they rolled the model away.


And then they took us on a private tour of the museum.

They had PT exhibits because President Kennedy on PT 109 had a first mate who came from Port Clinton, and they had a temporary loan of his things.  img_5967




After the Private Tour it was time to say a final goodbye to Uncle George’s PT 167.  

Now came more tears.  I kissed the boat goodbye, and Carol and I left the museum.  I said out loud to Carol, “Uncle George would be so happy since we followed through on his wishes.  His PT model of PT 167 found the perfect home, and they promised us an interesting exhibit.”  They were especially interested in adding  the Cleveland Plain Dealer video of Uncle George’s own words. 

Carol made another trip to the museum with her friends, to take the rest of Uncle George’s memorabilia.  His PT hat, books etc.  The next time I go to Cleveland, we will have to see what they have done. 

As I write this blog, it is always with tears in my eyes on missing the entire Holasek family.  They were all incredibly kind, loving,  and generous people.  The last two Holaseks I need to write about are Edward Holasek, and Theresa Holasek Wellenburg.  And then the writing part of honoring the Holasek family will be done, but the rest of us that are still alive, honor all of them each day in our hearts.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA