My life journey has taught me many lessons in health, the humanities, and in the every day happenings of life.  So this blog will actually fall into one of these three categories.

In the category of Health will be some of my old articles from   Some of the research has changed since the articles were first published.  Nicholas Regush was Peter Jennings medical news writer for 10 years until he started his website.  Unfortunately, he died at a very young age, but what he did without accepting advertising was expose a lot of important medical data for the benefit of all mankind.  It was a privilege to write for him.   Also included will be all of the research and lessons I and my survivor friends have learned in the last 15 years since being diagnosed with breast cancer.  I also wrote a blog at for Dr. Peter D’Adamo.  He is the naturopath physician in Connecticut who has helped me to survive all these years. Stacy’s medical problems added a whole new level of understanding to the field of gerontology.  One’s health status is always changing and full of challenges for everyone.  So the Health category is a broad one.  I also view this category as a continuation of work in the area of patient advocacy.

The Humanities  category will cover a lot of things, but first and foremost is my Faith.  Of course things I will write about include my love of biographies and auto biographies.  The amount of knowledge that can be learned from each person’s individual life journey is astounding. Also Included here will be my love of film, literature, and psychology.  This category is also very broad.

Happenings of course is the broadest  of all.  It never fails to surprise me how each day brings new lessons of life no matter what one’s age.

I could not write this blog if I didn’t have a background in nursing (RN Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing in Cleveland), and my broad liberal arts education at Mary Washington College.  (Now UMW)  Thanks to my beloved husband, Stacy, he encouraged me to pursue my dreams and get first my bachelor’s degree and then Master’s Degree in the Liberal Arts.  He was my first editor.  A brilliant writer himself, he kept journals for years. These are some of my most precious belongings.  It’s time therefore that I continue what Stacy started and write down my Coping and Commentary.

You may not agree with my very opinionated ideas, but I guarantee it will make you think.  I also guarantee to you the reader that I am honest “as the day is long.”  In fact my honesty has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years. So again welcome to Coping and Commentary by Marilyn Holasek Lloyd.  And I might add that all of my inspirational writing comes directly from God to whom I give all the glory.

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I have a story in Bernie Siegel’s new book on Miracles.  This doctor and his books and tapes got me through some very rough times when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.   I had the privilege of attending 4 of his seminars, and speaking with him several times.  This doctor is any cancer survivor’s friend, and it is a privilege and honor to have one of my stories in his book.  I will blog about him some day for sure.

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